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The dark corridors of thriller reads - Bill Leesman
My new novel, The Judas Legacy, delves into dark corridors, common to many thriller reads. Those paths lead to a variety of overriding tropes and patterns. Betrayals of trust, revenge for past wrongs, conspiratorial behaviors from elites. These are often seen in thrillers like The Judas Legacy (and its soon to be finished sequel, Kayne’s Revenge.) #mustreadbooksthrillers #goodreads2023 #toberead #suspensebooks #mysteryreader
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Betrayal - Where The Judas Legacy title came from
Human history is rife with events driven by betrayal. Whether it is a partner who cheats, a ‘trusted’ advisor who stabs you in the back or anyone else who deliberately acts in a way to harm you, everyone guards against this heinous behavior. #thrillerbookrecommendations #mysterysuspensenovels #actionadventureseries #toberead #mustreadthrillerbooks