The exhibition 'the pop-up generation: design between dimensions', investigates the trends of screen culture, flat-packing, and pop-up shops  // above: 'wandering territory' by anna garforth, on exhibition in 'the pop-up generation'

pop up generation design + architecture at MOTI

Shelter  Archival Print by jeremymiranda on Etsy, $20.00

Shelter - Archival Print

Jeremy Miranda - Shelter - Archival Print (I have had reoccurring dreams about being inside one of these structures for 25 + years)

Picture-Frame Photo Box

Picture-Frame Photo Box Store snapshots from a vacation or special occasion in a box that displays its theme on the lid. How to Make the Picture-Frame Photo Box

Signed Gold Coral and Onyx  Gold Bracelet

Signed Gold Coral and Onyx Gold Bracelet