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Elle Reid
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Auntie Crae's Ginger Sugar Cookies

Auntie Crae's Ginger Sugar Cookies - a St. These are sort of a less intense ginger cookie but their flavour and texture is still excellent and they are still very, very addictive to ginger lovers.

Auntie Crae's Plantation Chews

Auntie Crae& bakery is long closed but her incredible Plantation Chews live on in the exact recipe the owner used. Crunchy, chewy, caramel-y addictive.

Auntie Crae's Chocolate Macaroons

Auntie Crae's Chocolate Macaroons - when the famous St. John's bakery closed, the owner handed out a few of their most favorite cookie recipes.

Newfoundland Lassy Mogs

Lassy Mogs - a Newfoundland favourite; well spiced, soft cookies with a deep molasses flavour and filled with dried fruit & crunchy pecans.

Marshmallow Cookie Bars

Marshmallow Cookie Bars - easy to make in any flavour you like. The shortbread cookie bottom gets topped by a homemade marshmallow layer made from Jello!

Angel Food Cake Bites - this is a gluten  dairy free recipe, but just the idea of the bites is great too! Easy to share

Angel Food Cake Bites - this is a gluten dairy free recipe. Gluten Free Angel Food Cake Bites 10 egg whites c and c confectioners sugar c. white rice flour c. corn starch c. tapioca flour c. potato starch 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp salt 1 tsp cream of tarter

Cheezy Sauce

This story was written by member girlA and comes from The Dairy Free Diva Recipe Exchange group in the YumSugar Community.Here is yet another “cheese” sauce — this one quite impressive.