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a white door sitting next to two planters filled with flowers
Birdbath made into a wall hanging
Turning the glass top of a bird bath into a lovely wall hanging using a quilting hoop and dome 5 mm cotton cord.
a person holding a blue bottle with white lace on it in front of some plants
Macrame Wine Bottle Holder
Surprise your hostess with this reusable macrame wine bottle holder at your next ladies night out. This holder fits a standard 750 ml beverage. It’s 4” in diameter at the base and 14” tall. If you don’t like the natural color, feel free to contact me for a color of your choice. It’s a lovely gift for wine lovers, housewarming, friends or even yourself.
Large macrame piece Stage Lights, Macrame Hanger, Graduation Ceremony, Stage Lighting, Natural Colors, The Stage, On Stage
EX Macrame Hanger
The beautiful Natalia was further enhanced so that it would become a statement piece as it will be used as a centrepiece on stage for an upcoming graduation ceremonies. The theme for the graduation is Northern Lights. So to the original piece I added two more layers of fringe in the mustard and natural colors. I then created four long feathers and added them to the sides. This piece was further enhanced by sewing in crystals on the layers which will sparkle when touched by the stage lights.
Boho, rustic or farmhouse style. Extra Large Macrame Wall Hanging, Large Macrame Wall Hanging, Large Macrame, Boho Look, Natural Beads
Extra Large Macrame Hanger
This stunning extra large macrame wall hanging will instantly transform any room into a modern but earthy dwelling. Meet Zyia, she brings light and energy into your home. Made with 5 mm Natural cotton cord that is accented by silver threads, crystals and Natural beads. She would be lovely displayed over your bed or above your sofa for an instant boho look. Zyia measures 38” w x 52” long from the hanging point.
Large Macrame Wall Hanging Goddess Of The Moon, Lemon Chiffon, Granite Colors, Dress Out, White Glass, Sky Blue, The Moon
Luna wall hanging
Luna means Goddess of the Moon. I think she is spectacular dressed out in her layers of Sky Blue, Lemon Chiffon, Light Grey and Granite colors. The frosty white glass beads gives this piece a sense of calm, just as if you were gazing at the moos. she measures 30” w x 43” l.
a table topped with lots of glass vases and decor next to a stone wall
Large Macrame Wall Hanger
Introducing Esmeralda. She is beyond gorgeous. She measures 30” w x 48” l from the hanging point. This beauty is made with cords in the colors Cappuccino, Seafoam Green and White. The Seafoam Glass Beads elevates this piece to another level. Esmeralda is truly one of a kind and would make a statement anywhere she hangs. Esmeralda retails for $160. Note: I will not mail this piece as the glass beads are too fragile to withstand shipping.
a deer's head with antlers hanging from the wall next to a brick wall
Elk Antler Macrame Wall Hanging
I put in around 25 hours of time to create this piece. This antler is extra large, approximately 162” of horn, so I needed to create my own pattern. I ended up making some changes to what I had originally planned but in the end I’m very happy with the result. This piece measures approx 43” wide by 61” long from the hanging point. I used five different colors to give the piece dimension. The colors are: natural, almond, sage, moss green and chocolate brown. I also included some light oak beads
some plants are sitting on the floor in front of a stone wall with macrami hanging from it
Large macrame wall hanger
Her style is boho sheek but none the less extroidinaire. Using such a long piece of driftwood certainly posed it’s challenges but in the end she was totally worth it. This gorgeous girl measures 65” w x 38” l. She’s made with the colors Natural, Light Sage and Teak. A few dark beads strategically placed to tie in the dark wood and “BAM,” you’ve got a winning combination.
christmas stockings hanging from a fireplace with decorations on top of them and pine cones in the background
Macrame Angels
I absolutely love the simplicity of this Angel ornament and it looks so nice with this birch wreath. She measures about 8” in length. If anyone is interested I will take orders for this ornament @ $20 ea. I can even customize it by changing it to whatever color suits your decor. The color shown is Natural and gold. Message me if interested.
a woman standing next to a tree in the woods wearing a black coat and hat
Large Macrame Hanging
Hey everyone meet Deandra. She’s a big girl but is loud and proud measuring 36” wide x 38” long. This piece is made with 3 mm white cord and is striking when hung on a dark wall. Deandra is retailing for $125.
a blue and brown macrame hanging from a tree branch in the grass near some trees
Peacock Macrame Wall Hanger
Oh La La, I can’t believe my eyes, Natalia has just arrived and look how striking she is in her peacock colors. You strut your stuff girl. Natalia measures 39” w x 46” l. Her colors are Olive, Peacock Blue, Deepest Mustard and Teal. She also has a Chrysocolla gemstone 💎 which dispels negative energy. Check out my link for more items like this.
a woman standing on a porch holding up some paper hearts
Large Macrame Wall Hanging
This project is 53” w x 36” l from the hanging point. The colors featured are: Deepest Mustard, Cobalt Blue, Natural, Dusty Rose and Deep Rose. The cord used is 3mm. The design is made using a branch from a Diamond Willow tree which was cleaned and stained in the color Tudor. Check out my website for other projects.