Orchid Show

We went to the Orchid Society show at Colasanti's today. There were so many types of orchids; many shapes, sizes and colors, all extremely exotic and beautiful…
14 Pins
a yellow and purple flower sitting on top of green leaves
an arrangement of flowers and plants in front of a bamboo fan with the words windsor business network on it
an orange flower with yellow stamens on it
an assortment of flowers and plants for sale
yellow flowers growing out of the ground next to a stone wall with windows business network logo on it
there are many plants on the table with signs in front of them that say no business works
a green plant with white flowers in front of a brick wall and black table cloth
some white and purple flowers near a brick wall
orchids and other plants are displayed in a flower shop
yellow orchids with blue ribbons are on display in a garden center or showroom
some white flowers are on display in a garden center with green leaves and red ribbon
flowers and ribbons are on display at the flower show, with moss growing around them
a collage of pictures with flowers and butterflies in them on the wall next to each other