DYI Ontario Roasted Peppers

DIY roasted red, orange and yellow greenhouse peppers on the grill or the oven. Perfect for dips, salads and sandwiches!

Spiced up Ontario Greenhouse vegetable pasta

Spiced up Ontario Greenhouse vegetable pasta - Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

Chipotle marinated grilled rib eye & creamy Ontario Greenhouse cucumber slaw

If you're looking for a refreshing side to your grilled rib eye, why not try this Ontario greenhouse cucumber slaw recipe featuring yogurt and dill.

Caesar Bruschetta Tomatoes with Grilled Bread

A romantic app to serve your sweetie: SUNSET® Caesar Bruschetta Campari® Brand Tomatoes with Grilled Bread

Splendido™ Tomato Tart

This pretty tart is lovely to serve as a light lunch or at a brunch, or cut it in smaller squares to serve as an appetizer.

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