Ten Thousand Villages - Braided Metal Bracelet

Give your wardrobe a new fashion-forward shine. Three interlocking hoops crafted from braided metal join to create a thing of true beauty and style in this cuff bracelet.

Ten Thousand Villages - Turquoise Glass Earrings

Comparte (“to share” in Spanish) works to improve the standard of living for Chile’s disadvantaged craftspeople, exporting products from 430 workshops representing some artisans.

Ten Thousand Villages - Crystal Teardrop Beaded Earrings

You'll love these crystal teardrop bead earrings in topaz and rose. A larger bead hangs at the bottom to add a little weight.

People Tree - Ceramic Teardrop Ring

People Tree - Ceramic Teardrop Ring

Ten Thousand Villages - Threaded Teardrop Earrings

Delicate embroidery thread gives these metal teardrop hoop earrings texture and style. Expertly hand-woven and wound in purple and green.

Ten Thousand Villages - Hand Painted Leather Ring

A broad band of blue with a scatter of white stars. This stellar ring is decorated by hand in Indonesia using the traditional batik process.

Ten Thousand Villages - Paisley Teardrop Earrings

Filigreed paisley teardrops with blue beads nestled in their hearts. Lacy and lovely.

Ten Thousand Villages - Double Hooped Earrings - Made in Kenya

handcrafted double hoop earings from kenya