Halifax Argyle Street, a popular spot to be seen in Halifax in the Summer time  http://www.mervedinger.com

Halifax Argyle Street, a popular spot to be seen in Halifax in the Summer time…

.~The Highway of Heroes - Canada is the only country in the world that repatriates all their fallen soldiers to the same location (Trenton Air Base, Ontario). Since 2002 supporters of Canadian Troops have been lining the route on the overpasses of the highway; flying a flag, saluting and showing support as the procession of vehicles passes on their way to the official coroner's office for the Troops located in Toronto. In 2007 the Macdonald-Carter Highway 401 became the Highway of Heroes~.

The stretch of highway 401 running from Trenton Ontario in remembrance of Canada's fallen soldiers. The soldiers are taken from Canada Forces Base (Trenton) to their final resting place.

On this day, we thank and honour all those who serve or have served our country. We owe you our lives and our freedoms. Our gratitude is immeasurable. For all that you have sacrificed, we sincerely THANK YOU!


Trudeau was a monstrous mistake by snowflake Canadians

An older man with his reflection of yesterday as a soldier

Once a soldier, Always a soldier. God bless our troops. Thank a soldier, whether a veteran or active service member, because we have them to thank for all that we are and have. For keeping this country safe and free.

Meme of Canadian PM insisting taxpayers give more to disaster replied - write your Local member of parliament and get Trudeau out ASAP.

Tired of the Lies and Politicization of the Fort McMurray Disaster

Maple leaf

“JT we have a Canadian Identity and don't need you to dictate what it will be! It is not Islam!

Vote out idiot 2019

It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.

canadian soldiers in afghanistan

S troops march throughout the streets of Afghanistan. In this picture the only civilians that are on the streets are children. The children point and smile at the troops. But in reality they do not know what Imperialism is really about.