Robert Bateman. I got to see the original in Wyoming... His attention to detail is humbling!!!

Raven, from the book Birds, by Robert Bateman.

Robert Bateman. One of the best wildlife artists out there. His work combines tight illustration with amazing design and placement usually found in abstract art. I need to buy one of his calenders.

Sheer Drop, 1980 Robert Bateman (Canada, b. Oil on Board, 48 x 36 inches JKM Collection®, National Museum of Wildlife Art (Amazing creatures)

Tom Thomson- Group of Seven- Algonquin October.

Tom Thomson- Group of Seven- Algonquin October.

This is another 'member' of the Group of Seven - Tom Thompson.

☼ Painterly Landscape Escape ☼ landscape painting by Tom Thomson, Maple Saplings, 1917

Tom Thomson ~ Northern River

Tom Thomson - The Northern River, 1915

I don't usually share these kind of things on Facebook but this one struck a chord with me. This is a painting of tamarack trees done by Tom Thomson in 1915. Not only have I fallen in love with these trees, but it is also the year that my dad was born. He would have been 100 this September!! vm

wetreesinart:Tom Thomson Tamarack, oil on wood, x

Franklin Carmichael (Canadian, Group of Seven, 1890–1945): Mirror Lake, 1929. Watercolor over graphite on paper, 51 x 68.7 cm. McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada, northwest of Toronto. © 2010 McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Mirror Lake, 1929 Franklin Carmichael, Canadian Group of Seven

Tom Thomson  Tamarack Swamp

Tom Thomson Tamarack Swamp, member Canadian Group of Seven artists

Franklin Carmichael - Member of the Group of Seven, Canadian Painters - The Art History Archive

A Painting painted by Canadian artist Franklin Carmichael.

Over the years, Thomson painted at least four images of his tent in Algonquin Park. “Artist’s Camp, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park,” 1915, Art Gallery of Ontario.

Tom Thomson: Artist’s Camp, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, 1915

Tom Thomson "Moonlight and Birches", 1917 (Canada, Post-Impressionism / Group of Seven, 20th cent.)

Tom Thomson - Art Nouveau, Arts&Crafts & Post Impressionnism - Moonlight and Birches (Group of Seven)

Nicholas Bott   OIL                        Grey Sky B.C. Coast

Nicholas Bott OIL Grey Sky B.C. Coast

Great Blue Heron 1978 - Robert Bateman

Great Blue Heron 1978 - Robert Bateman

Franklin Carmichael - Bay of Islands

Group of Seven

Franklin Carmichael, Bay of Islands, 1931 Oil on canvas x cm McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Cedar - Emily Carr - The Athenaeum

Cedar - Emily Carr - The Athenaeum