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The Best Carrot Cake Recipe

The BEST carrot cake recipe I have ever found! A buttermilk glaze seeps into the warm cake layers making it extra moist. Then a delicious cream cheese frosting is added to bring all the flavors togeth (Vegan Cake Layer)

Oatmeal Cookies

Loaded Oatmeal Cookies: Chewy oatmeal cookies loaded with coconut, dried cranberries and chocolate chips // A Cedar Spoon>Might make these for our service group/pizza/treat night tomorrow evening!

Im Not A Tattoo Girl.i Have Nothing Againest Them, Love Them On Other People..just Not For Me..with That Being Said I Love This Placement And Flowers With The Small Cursive Writing..very Classy Looking To Me, If I Were To Get One Ever Itd Be Something To This Effect! Not This Quote Though!

"count every beautiful thing" There are two roses; one for my mother and one for my father who passed away a few years ago. The text is my mothers handwriting to remind me not to take things for granted in my life anymore. Count every beautiful thing.

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs | Cuded

Get yourself inked with any of these half sleeve tattoos for girls and boys. You can also check the list of purposeful forearm tattoo designs and pick

Beautifully done - I keep going back & forth between color or just staying with black & grays since all but one of mine are black and gray...

single lily flower tattoos for girls - White lilies symbolize modesty and virginity. Red lilies portray love, ardor, and affection for loved ones. Orange lilies stand for happiness, passion, and warmth.