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The I-cord cast on
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Идеальная обработка кромочного края Кромочный край состоит из двух петель в начале и двух петель в конце ряда. В начале ряда: первую петлю всегда снимаем, вторую провязываем лицевой. В конце ряда: предпоследнюю петлю снимаем не провязывая (нить перед работой), последнюю провязываем лицевой.
Simple Way to Make Paired Increases
the centered double needle increaser is shown in yellow yarn
Centred Double Increase Step by Step - 10 rows a day
Double increase that matches double vertical decrease. This increase is fairly simple, and it creates a lovely chain of stitches at the centre of the increase just like the chain of stitches created at the centre of the double vertical decrease. Click this pin to see how to make this neat double increase. | 10 rows a day #knitting #tutorial #knittingtutorials #knittinginstructions #howto #knit #stepbystep #tips #tipsandtricks
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Вязание рисунка | GlobusLife
Amazing #Knitting Trick
the instructions for crochet are shown in this page
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Cast On Without a Slip Knot
someone crocheting yarn with the text, how to use yarn over it for knitting
How to Keep Your Floats Loose with Yarnovers [Tutorial]
How to Knit Mirrored Yarnover Increases :: TUTORIAL :: talvi knits.
Icelandic-Bind Off Step-by-Step
How to Knit Mirrored Loop Increases :: TUTORIAL :: talvi knits.