80s fashion. This is so not realistic...we would have NEVER been seen with balloons.

People Of The '80s Who Should've Never Been Let Out Of The House

This should tell you all you need to know about many of my seemingly inexplicable real life fashion choices.

daniel-hechter-fairweather-catalogue-fall-1987 via periodicult #marble

"We wait patiently, calmly, for the to arrive and rescue us from the scourge of fashion" So loved the stone washed jeans & skirts!

80s Fashion- get rid of the massive hairbow and that could be me.

Sex and the City Fashion: What Not to Wear in the Office - Photo Essays

Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan

Madonna Through The Years

A staple in 80's fashion - I had one of these!!!

I had this sweater and the leg warmers to match. and Heart earrings with a rainbow on them that I wore when I wore the sweater.

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