tiny tapestries{

Creating miniature woven art has been such an expansive and joyful practice for me. Tapestry weaving can be done on all manner of manufactured or improvised…
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two hands are working on an art project with yarn and scissors in front of them
DIY Mini Wall Hanging
Less is more! I chose just two colours to create bold stripes on this tiny tapestry. Woven using the Darning and Weaving kit for my Swift Darning Loom.
Tiny Tapestry of a cliff landscape
miniature woven landscape of a winter scene in northern ontario. The sunrise was added with thanks to artistic license - it represents our early morning to catch three planets aligned in the dawn sky! i wove this tapestry using the Darning and Weaving expansion pack for the Swift Darning Loom.
three pieces of woven fabric hanging on a brick wall with chains attached to the sides
Artesania chile
a close up view of a brown and blue design on a piece of cloth with small holes in the middle
Underway: Tree of Life, Red River Valley Version
the wall hangings have different designs on them
Episode 77: Ancient and Contemporary Weaving Techniques with Natalie Novak
two pieces of fabric with holes in them
Estuary Weaving by CHERYL EDWARDS
a close up of a weaving machine with mountains in the background and water running through it
the weaving is being worked on by someone
a wall hanging made out of branches and flowers with the words diy above it
How to: Craspedia tapestry
This decoration radiates pure cosiness! Just like in the old days, an old weaving frame filled with Craspedia, Miscanthus, Scutellaria, twigs and wool woven in between the strings. The subtle play of colours in the tapestry rightly attracts all eyes. Make one yourself with this step by step!
an image of a weaving machine that is made with yarn and other things on it
a patchwork quilt with an image of a bird on it's side and several different colors
a piece of art that looks like an abstract painting with blue, red and purple colors
Mar 19, 2020 - Wedge Weave and Me : Postponed - Black Sheep Handweavers Guild
Mar 19, 2020 - Wedge Weave and Me : Postponed - Black Sheep Handweavers Guild