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Mending was my gateway into Weaving, and now I can't stop! I'm especially inspired by the bold patterns and textures of Overshot weaving techniques.
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an old weaving loom with red, yellow and black squares on it's sides
Christine Tsai on Instagram: "Monks Belt-ish sampling on the new warp. . . #weaving #sampling #weaversofinstagram #handwoven #fiberart #textiles #keepmaking #monksbelt"
an orange and black pattern on fabric
Understanding color mixing in weaving: Warp, weft, and the role of the draft
Understanding color mixing in weaving: Warp, weft, and the role of the draft
a red and black checkered blanket is hanging on the wall
Library Homepage: Coverlets in the Appalachian Artifacts Collections: Home
Home - Coverlets in the Appalachian Artifacts Collections - Library Homepage at Berea College
three different colored rugs laying on the ground next to some leaves and yellow flowers
Rag Rug 101
Rag Rug 101 - Gist Yarn
a close up view of an old loom with yarn on the bottom and sides
Rag Rug Tips
a piece of woven material on display in a white frame with a tag attached to it
Anni Albers. Woven Fabric Sample. c. 1951 | MoMA
an abstract black and white pattern on fabric
textile nerd
textile nerd
an abstract drawing with black lines on white paper
could be a cool pattern
the fabric is white and has lines drawn on it's sides, as if they were woven together
an animal is standing behind a mesh curtain
garadinervi : repertori
a close up of a piece of cloth with a sewing needle on top of it
an orange and blue knitted blanket laying on top of snow covered ground next to a pair of scissors
Handwoven Orange Mirage Rug
This rug is made of wool on a cotton warp. It has a thick and plushy feel which makes it cozy and comfortable to walk or sit on. The colors are energetic and lively, and they look particularly beautiful when the sun hits. The size of this rug makes it versatile, and it would be perfect as a warm bedside rug or alongside a coffee table. Handwoven in Montreal, Canada. Measures approximately 25” x 49” Materials: 100% cotton warp and 100% pure wool weft, sourced from Canadian Mills.
a yellow and gray checkered scarf laying on the ground
Dubbelväv – Textila inslag
a pair of sandals sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a green and white rug