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a doll with a bird in her hand
a piece of art that looks like an oyster
Tapestry 3 – Apocalypse or Global Sustainability
Verona SZABÓ, 2000, 200 x 155 cm Haute-lisse, wool, rayon, silk, metallic thread, gold thread (Photo- István Oravecz )
an umbrella with water drops on it is shown in this artistic painting by sue de vanny
Australian Mixed Media Artist
Limelight - Art quilt for A world of colour exhibition 2014 Lime fabric collage appliqued to hand dyed backing fabric, thread sketched, quilted and painted bubbles 40 x 100 cm
an orange and blue piece of fabric with embroidered flowers on it
textile panel - detail
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nine circular pieces of artwork on a gray surface
UC San Diego Health Sciences
Our body’s proteins – encoded by DNA to do the hard work of building and operating our bodies – are forever on the move. Literally, according to new findings reported by Trey Ideker, PhD, chief of the Division of Genetics in the UC San Diego School of Medicine, and colleagues in a recent issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
an eye is shown with writing on it
sous le soleil...
elf2mani: under the sun ...
several different types of wire work on a table
Julie Dodd, Blood Stream
two sculptures are standing next to each other
Anne Bothuon sculpture textile, broderie contemporaine Plus
there are many jellyfish in the water and on the window sill with curtains
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... LIFT OFF!!!
Incredible installation by fiber artist Sayuri looks like an underwater world, teeming with fabric jellyfish and felt corals.
several sculptures are hanging on the wall
Norma Minkowitz: A Life in the Fiber Arts
norma minkowitz
five blue stuffed animals with orange dots on them are hanging from the side of a white wall
Watercolour Play Workshop
Watercolour Play Workshop
an abstract painting with trees and circles
African Song by Daniel Blignaut
a woman standing in front of a painting on the wall with flowers painted on it
Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles
Velda Newman standing in front of her Zinnia quilt. This is one of the most incredible quilts of the century