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16x20 Canvas acrylic painting

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I'm an independent Beachbody coach. If you need help getting motivated, looking for fitness tips and need some guidance finding the right Beachbody program for you. We have a great team!


The secret that’s made a best-selling phenomenon is Muscle Confusion. By constantly introducing new moves, this advanced training technique keeps your body’s muscles continually challenged, so you can get better AND faster results.


This is very true, best friends, friends, and acquaintances I always seem to know what is being said about me, but I always keep it to myself unless you push me. Then all of the honesty and your lies will come out.

50 Most Iconic Photos - Defenceman Bobby Orr leaps across ice @Allison Sands

Forty-four years ago on May the greatest NHL player of all time scored the most memorable goal in Boston Bruins history. The scene was overtime of Game 4 of the 1970 Stanley Cup Final between the Bruins and the St. Louis Blues at the old Boston Garden.


I miss our Doberman, Ruger. What a great dog he was! Left this in for the person that pinned it originally - My bit is just to let you know that EVERY Doberman I ever met was a cuddly bundle of niceness -remember- NO bad dogs, just bad OWNERS XX