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The New Christmas Dessert You Have to Try

This trifle will fool everyone into thinking it took you hours to make. Layers of eggnog cake, eggnog pudding and tart cranberry sauce give this dessert a pretty presentation and incredible holiday taste.

Need to remember this...

This quote has helped me a lot of over the past few months. It's hard for me sometimes to let go of something that other people do and it makes me so angry, but then I remember this quote: " Take a deep breath. It's just a bad day, not a bad life.

Weight Watcher Recipes - Crock Pot Potato Soup - Recipe Diaries

YUMMY and "soup-er" easy (lol) Crock Pot Potato Soup recipe-- (weight watchers recipe actually!) VERDICT: The soup was pretty tasty but definitely needs lots of salt!

22 Detox Soup Recipes- to cleanse and revitalize your system. Some of them sound weird but there are a few that sound good enough to try.

A detox soup takes many of the healthiest ingredients possible and puts them together in one pot. They usually involve pureeing or blending the vegetables up, or at the very least chopping them into bite-sized pieces. This makes the soup easy to digest so