Discount Easter Chocolates with my bf

Discount Easter Chocolates with my bf

7 Second Challenge with My BF | KITTYxoxo

7 Second Challenge with My BF | KITTYxoxo

10 Weird Things About Me | KITTYXOXO

10 Weird Things About Me | KITTYXOXO

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Slime Race by Kittyxoxo

I had an idea of making slime items race and had these unique cars at hand which i used in this video, i hope you enjoyed it and if you like watching it, i w.

Spring Chocolate edition (with Alyssa)

I like trying out the different types of chocolates and shapes, and in this video, I am asking Alyssa to reach in the shopping bag and guess what it is :) i .

Valentine's Day Chocolate edition (with Alyssa & Brook)

Check out this fun Valentine's day video with my two favorite girls, Alyssa Sprinkles and Brooke aka.

Fun Tasting Halloween Candy!

In this video, i'm tasting Halloween candy that i bought after Halloween at off so you might hear crunching, chewing and rustling noises, and I just want.

My Halloween Costume 2016 (and onesie)

This is just a short video to show you my Halloween costume for 2016 and also (alternatively) I have a onesie that works for at home or at work kind of thing.

Our Vancouver Weather ft. a Squirrel :)

So earlier today, i went out to test my new selfie stick and spotted a squirrel, and then later on i went out and about, it was a nice day at start even thou.

My Trip to Montreal (and NB)

This is my unedited vlog from my Montreal trip, i will be adding some annotations but had to make sure it runs smoothly, thank you for watching this almost

Testing App: Funny Faces by Yaycam

I used Yaycam app to test this and see how it worked, even though i didn't buy the premium which would allow me to use more faces and features, this is all t.

My Last Bubble Bath (in this house)

So this was a belated video, I moved into a new place on Oct but I didn't get this edited and uploaded on time due to computer issues, so here it is FINA.

Voice changer app tested

I've tested out this voice changer app as I wanted to test out certain apps and thought I would give it a try.