It does not take a lot of them, for thieves to steal $10,000.00 or more in very little time. One minute may not sound like a long time, but test it yourself

Why are Cellular Phone Stores Targeted by Smash and Grab Thieves?

Now that spring is here, it’s important to take the time to protect your business against spring crimes. These spring security tips will help.

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How Fast is a Smash & Grab Robbery?

Pop-Up Stores Security | Xpanda Security Products

Securing pop-up shops is quite challenging. pop-ups can be located almost anywhere and traditional alarms or cameras are not enough to secure these pop-up stores

security vulnerability

Worst robber ever? Man robs same store he applied for job at days before


Not only do security gates provide physical security, but they also function as visual deterrents.

Access Control using powder coated white Xpanda security gates

Access Control using powder coated white Xpanda security gates

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It only takes seconds for a break in

Tips for Choosing Security Gates for Retail Stores

Safety Yellow security gates protecting shipping doors and reducing the risk of accidental falls.

How Industrial Security Gates Secure Shipping Doors Are your warehouse shipping doors secure? This is a question that many warehouse owners and operators may not have ever asked themselves.

School Hallway Security Gates

Hallway Security Gates Secure and Restrict Access

securing hazardous materials

A warehouse can be a dangerous place. You can use security gates to prevent warehouse injuries and to keep your warehouse safer