Shawn Walker

Shawn Walker

Shawn Walker
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Slow Cooker BBQ Beef on a Bun

Slow cooker BBQ beef - so easy to make using items you already have on hand. Serve with kaiser buns, coleslaw, horseradish and other favorite BBQ Beef on a Bun toppings!

Subway Tile Designs Inspiration | A Beautiful Mess | Bloglovin'

It's no secret that we LOVE subway tile here at ABM. It's fresh, inexpensive and classic. In the past I have stuck with a traditional offset pattern for all of my subway tile. But recently, as I've been renovating my new home, I've gone a different route

THE Mac and Cheese

THE absolute best, and most fool proof mac and cheese recipe. I don't measure at all and it still comes out perfectly. I add hot sauce, ground red pepper, mustard powder (ALL mac and cheese NEEDS it) and bacon salt to the flour mixture for added flavor.

Garlic Herb Butter

Homemade garlic herb butter that takes only 10 minutes. Mix butter with garlic, herb, salt, freeze it and it's ready.