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Flipping houses has its complications. Maybe investing in real estate isn’t so lucrative.

I’ll order an extra large, super sized, greasy meal…with a diet soda. Can I have some heart failure on the side?

If you could call later that day Do you think your life won’t pass away? Cause you know I’d talk a thousand words If you could just text me sometime

There will come a day where dank memes will be sold in the streets.

Some people need to know that there are rules in other countries, but hey~ don’t let me stop you from enjoying your vacation…

You get what you paid for when you’re going to another country to “sight see”

You think bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful thing…but for others maybe it’s not so beautiful.

There’s age of consent for a reason, but some people will try their luck.

Tripping on LSD while literally tripping….yeah I can see some people being into that.

It’s nice to have aspirations in life…some are more fruitful than others.

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Hopefully his show gets canceled for that cringey ‘comedic’ act he did on national TV

Going to college to major in a “useful” STEM degree - dank meme of the century

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