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This! #Preach It's even more difficult to recognize red flags when you've grown up in toxic environments where what most people consider red flags are your norm. There were a couple things that were the "aha" moments for me. Today for some reason I'm unusually grateful for my own personal journey. I was very lucky that I wasn't any more intertwined in my past relationship because I can't even imagine how much more difficult it would be to leave when there are children involved. Not only…

I agree with this in part, I think barriers are a great idea in relationships but no matter what barriers are in place, you may come across people who still refuse to accept them. The only thing you are responsible for is your behaviour.

BEST QUOTES ABOUT LOVE   http://www.personal-quotes.com

BEST QUOTES ABOUT LOVE http://www.personal-quotes.com

This is particularly accurate about me. If I feel betrayed, I have the uncanny ability to erase anyone from my heart, mind and soul within a "nano second. it's an automatic response.

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