Dreaming of Flight

For each episode of CBC spy drama "X Company", an international animator was comissioned to create a new short film using the soundtrack of one scene.

our love my fiction excitement that turns into obsession is love that turns to hate in a second

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Episode of our animated series for Red Bull Music Academy features Jessy Lanza and Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan discussing their

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Image of Utopia, Archival Print

Waiting, waiting so still, for that moment of perfection. Realized in 4 days during animation atelier led by Koji Yamamura, celebrated director of animation…

Told between two timelines, "Lost Daughter" depicts a healing ritual enacted upon the traumatized body of a young girl. Cutting rhythmically to our 'lost…

Once she was the sun, the stars, the sky. Later lost in reflection. The false self. The myth “Narcissus” retold as “Sister…