Father's Day Gift Baskets

Supportive, caring, and diligent; your father was always there by your side and helped shape you into the person you’ve become, this Father’s Day return the…
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a wooden table topped with lots of bottles and glasses next to an umbrella on the beach
Corona Beach Chair Beer Gift Basket
It’s time to go to the patio, sit and relax, drink Corona beer as we give you the Corona Beach Chair! This gift basket features six Corona beers along with a bottle opener, glasses, a hat, salt, and limes all placed in this beautiful hand-made chair to remind you that we all need to relax and have fun and drink beer!
a wooden table topped with bottles of liquid and other items on top of the table
Fighter Pilot Decanter Set
Bring home the magic of delectable cocktails and incredible gourmet snacks with the Happy Hour Liquor Gift Basket that features everything you need to create your own customized Caesars at home. The set includes Mott’s clamato juice, two cocktail glasses, a bottle of liquor (that can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection), cocktail shaker, salt & pepper shakers, and yummy gin lemon olives by Delish that is sure to add an extra kick to your beverages.
the ingredients for an appetizer sit on a cutting board
a wooden box filled with lots of different types of food and drink items next to a brick wall
an assortment of beer and snacks on a cutting board next to a bottle of wine
Dad's No. 1 Beer Carrier Gift Basket
Whether its Father’s Day, your dad’s birthday, or just a way to show your dad that you care, the Dad's No. 1 Beer Carrier Gift Basket is the perfect present for the most important person in your life. It includes six bottles of premium beer, a beautiful wooden beer carrier with a bottle opener, dipping pretzels from East Shore, Mrs. McGarrigle’s specialty mustard, and beef jerky from Great Canadian Meat.
a red coffee mug filled with chocolate covered strawberries and grass in the shape of a football
“For the Football Lover” Father’s Day Gift Basket
Is your dad something of a pigskin fan with a sweet tooth? If you’re thinking yes, then Yorkville’s has the perfect gift for you. The“For the Football Lover” Father’s Day Gift Basket offers a gigantic ceramic football shaped mug, and a collection of rich, decadent, chocolate dipped strawberries. The“For the Football Lover” Father’s Day Gift Basket is the perfect combination of masculine sweetness that will leave your father feeling loved and appreciated.
a wooden crate filled with beer bottles on top of a table next to a bottle opener
Father's Day Ontario Craft Beer Carrier
The Father's Day Ontario Craft Beer Carrier is our most popular Father's Day Beer Gift Basket. It is a perfect gift for any Dad who loves beer. Included in the Beer Carrier are 6 different Craft Beers from Ontario. The exact beers will change by week so we can provide unique assortments) Add more beer, snacks or wine if you wish.