Liquor Gift Baskets

For premium and high quality bottles of liquor, such as gin, scotch and vodka, look no further than Yorkville’s Liquor gifts, which are sure to impress and…
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a stuffed animal sitting next to a box of popcorn
Romantic Movie Night
The perfect gift for a comfy night in with your sweetheart, the Romantic Movie Night Gift Basket is filled with popcorn, delicious candies, delightful decor, and more. A wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or birthdays, the Romantic Movie Night Gift Basket is guaranteed to bring joy and delight to the special someone in your life.
a wooden table topped with lots of food and drinks on top of it next to the ocean
Captain Morgan's Pirate Chest With Snacks
Ahoy matey as Captain Morgan is here as we give you Captain Morgan's Pirate Chest! Indulge yourself with this crate filled with booty as it contains gold chocolate coins and bars, Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum, and glasses to say cheers for a hard day’s work!
a wooden box filled with gold coins and a bottle of whiskey sitting on top of it
Skull Island's Lost Treasure Chest
Cheers mate! We finally found Skull Island's Lost Treasure Chest! This precious chest which has been lost for centuries includes tons of milk chocolate coins and gold bars along with that pirates can drink and make themselves merry. Even a treasure map is included!
an assortment of liquor and cookies on a tray
The Bold and Powerful Liquor Holiday Board
Gift rich and bold flavors withThe Bold and Powerful Liquor Holiday Board. Complete with full-bodied liquor, a whiskey decanter, fine cigars, rich chocolate fudge, and more,The Bold and Powerful Liquor Holiday Board is the perfect gift to share this holiday with the lover of bold and smoky flavors in your life.
a bottle of vodka, cupcakes and a mask on a table
Something Blue Liquor Gift Basket
Send your regards with this elegant liquor gift basket from Yorkville’s.The Something Blue Liquor Gift Basket is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, anything. Featuring chocolate enrobed blueberries, blueberry yogurt coated pretzels, delicious white chocolate truffles and a fine bottle of liquor – all kosher – you can celebrate any occasion.