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Oak Seer by Graham Higson - ebooks, Horror, occult, paranormal, psychic, supernatural mystery, witchcraft, ePub, PDF, mobi

Oak Seer (A supernatural mystery), an ebook by Graham Higson at Smashwords

Panic by K.R. Griffiths - ebook, Horror, action, Conspiracy, suspense, Virus, Zombie apocalypse, Epub

(Book in the Bestselling Wildfire Chronicles by K. Horror Channel: ā€¯Tightly written, fast paced and gruesome.If you like your horror strong and bloody then this is for you.

Face The Winter Naked By Bonnie Turner - Historical, literary fiction, post traumatic stress disorder, the great depression, unemployment, womens fiction, epub, mobi, pdf

Face the Winter Naked by Bonnie Turner, free Daniel Tomelin, a battle-worn veteran haunted by the carnage of the First World War, deserts his family in the Great Depression and goes on the road to seek relief from his soul-shaking trauma.

Periphery by Alexx Bollen - ebook, Fantasy, esoteric, gnostic, mystical reality, occult fiction, weird, ePub, PDF

Periphery is a complicated book, but therein lays its charm. Alexx Bollen is a masterful wordsmith, and the prose of this story is surpassed only by its, sometimes very subtle, layering.