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Hoya Kerrii Care Guide
Looking to finesse your Hoya kerrii care? Hoya kerrii – otherwise known as the Sweetheart Plant, Lucky Heart, and Hoya Hearts are popular in February due to their heart-shaped, succulent-like foliage. Valentine’s Day has proven to boost the popularity of Hoya kerrii as it is often given as a gift as a token of love. Check out the complete care guide in our Houseplant Library
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Hoya White Leaves 😍
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Hoya Carnosa Care Guide
Troubleshooting your Hoya carnosa care? Hoya Carnosa prefer bright, direct light (East, West, and South facing windows could work), infrequent waterings (wait for the soil to dry out between waterings), chunky, well draining potting mix, and fertilization in the growing season. Check out our care guide for Hoya carnosa in the YPH houseplant library!