Gamers' Motto

I'm a gamer because i don't have a life, i've chosen to have many. So true

Heart Dissection

We are given a Pig heart to dissect. sadly we are missing a few things from the heart because of the butcher but it was a fun and educating experience watch .

3D Hologram Projection Pyramid

Materials: All you need is a sheet of Clear Plastic Sheet. You can use the ones used for packing toys and stuff or even an OHP Sheet A pair of scissors Marke.

Walking Dead: Shot In The Eye! WTF!

My thoughts on the whole Carl Grimes getting his eye blown out. maybe some better acting rather then just fall down wouldn't you be in so much shock you woul.

Hot Chocolate Know How

In this video I will show you how to make the greatest tasting hot chocolate without milk. All I'm using is a no name hot chocolate, some marshmallows and wa.

Pokemon Go: Release & Real Life Expectations

Frame Trap - Episode 9 "Pokemon Go Fever and Fighting Game Highs" - Pokemon Go Videos