So ... ??  I know, do you?

It’s a jug which one would put bagged milk into and then snip the corner of the bag which was just above the rim of the jug, then one could pour milk easily .

Canadian poster: Your Chums are Fighting - Why Aren't YOU?

Canadian World War II Posters Gallery

Defining Moments in Canadian History

Defining Moments in Canadian History [Infographic]

Aboriginal identity in Canada. By 2015, people of First Nations descent will compose of 25% of the total population in British Columbia.

Aboriginal Canada

Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey shows that people had an Aboriginal identity in Projections show that the Aboriginal identity population in Canada could be million.

Have a Maple Tree?  How to Tap a Maple Tree for Making Syrup  The Art of Doing Stuff

How to Tap a Maple Tree For Making Maple Syrup.

How to tap a maple tree for sap/syrup - My dream home will have maple trees for homemade syrup.

CANADA: Now that Muslims are allowed to vote wearing Islamic facemasks, Canadians are protesting by voting with their faces covered, too