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an office with multiple computers on the desks and chairs in front of a large window
Open-concept office space with acoustic lighting to get the best of both worlds | Zaneen
Create a calm oasis with our Acoustic Lighting Solutions. These innovative fixtures reduce noise pollution while providing adjustable, mood-enhancing illumination—ideal for both commercial spaces and intimate home settings. Light up your world, quietly.
an empty conference room with white chairs and a black table
Peaceful office meeting room with stunning ceiling acoustic panels for sound efficiency | Zaneen
Illuminate your interiors while controlling acoustics! Our stunning range of acoustic lights combines form with function, absorbing sound and spreading warmth and light where you need it most. Perfect for bustling cafes or serene study spaces.
an empty office with desks and chairs in the center, along with large windows
Contemporary open-concept office with captivating acoustic ceiling design | Zaneen
Turn down the noise and turn up the style! Our sleek, modern acoustic lighting fixtures are designed to soften sound and elevate aesthetics in any room. Whether you're working or relaxing, enjoy a quieter, more inviting atmosphere.
an empty room with chairs and plants in it
Modern lobby space with acoustic ceiling panels for optimal efficiency and privacy | Zaneen
Experience the best of both worlds with our Acoustic Lighting Collection! These innovative lights not only enhance your space visually but also improve sound quality, making them perfect for open offices and cozy living areas. Discover how silence looks beautifully bright!
the interior of an office building with tables and chairs
Contemporary cafeteria space with dynamic lighting and acoustic panels, Super-G Slim | Zaneen
The dynamic elegance of Super-G Slim! 🌟 Inspired by the exhilarating speed of skiing, this architectural lighting fixture bends the rules of design with its versatile curves, striking angles and acoustic panels. Light up your world with Super-G Slim's nimble and vivid presence in your interior design. Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
an empty office with large windows and wooden walls
Luxurious office space with acoustic suspension lighting, Parallel | Zaneen
Discover the perfect balance of technology and design with Parallel! Engineered to meet the highest demands, Parallel seamlessly integrates acoustic performance with precision illumination. Its innovative reflectors allow for targeted lighting, while the recessed light source ensures a seamless blend with the acoustic panel. Experience sustainable innovation with Parallel, crafted from recycled water bottle fibers for powerful acoustic solutions. Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
an office with orange walls and black leather chairs in front of a large window overlooking the city
Open-concept colorful office space with vibrant acoustic lighting for efficiency, Parallel | Zaneen
This suspended suspension light seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics, meeting the highest standards in professional lighting. With its focused and directed light, Parallel ensures optimal illumination of workplaces while creating a sense of space with its sleek design. Experience the power of sustainability with Parallel, crafted from recycled water bottle fibers to meet your acoustic needs. Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
an office with black walls and white ceilinging, two desks are in front of a large window
Contemporary office space with acoustic lighting for optimal focus, Logiq | Zaneen
Logiq – the perfect blend of illumination and acoustics! Designed for environments that demand focus and attention to detail, this suspended lighting fixture enhances both functionality and beauty. With its sleek, non-intrusive design and variety of unique color options, Logiq offers a creative solution for spaces where form meets function. Illuminate your space with Logiq and let your ideas shine brighter than ever! Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
an empty restaurant with tables and stools in front of the windows, along with hanging lights
Contemporary and industrial-style restaurant with acoustic lighting for privacy, Logiq | Zaneen
Logiq – where attention to detail meets optimal acoustics! This suspended acoustic lighting fixture seamlessly blends functionality and beauty, providing the perfect environment for focus and creativity. With its high-tech lens and almost invisible light source, Logiq ensures your space is dominated by thoughts and ideas, not intrusive design. Explore the array of unique color options and discover the perfect lighting solution for your space today! Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
an office with multiple computer screens and desks in front of large windows overlooking the city
Open-concept contemporary office space with acoustic lighting, Hadi-Q | Zaneen
Redefine your office lighting experience with Hadi-Q – setting new standards in performance and design! Our revolutionary solution seamlessly blends advanced technology with sophisticated aesthetics. Featuring a high-efficiency edge lighting engine and innovative acoustic panels, Hadi-Q ensures optimal light distribution and superior sound absorption for a productive and enjoyable workspace. Elevate your office environment with Hadi-Q today! Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
an office with wooden ceiling and white desks
Open-concept office space with acoustic lighting for efficiency, Hadi-Q | Zaneen
Light up your workspace with Hadi-Q – where innovation meets elegance! Experience office lighting redefined with cutting-edge technology and striking design. Our dynamic piece of art combines high-performance lighting with acoustic excellence, ensuring optimal working conditions while enhancing your environment. Discover the perfect balance of style and functionality with Hadi-Q today! Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
an empty office with chairs and tables in the center, surrounded by large glass windows
Modern office space with geometric acoustic lighting for efficiency, Glorious Slim Acoustic | Zaneen
Elevate your space with Glorious Slim Acoustic – where lighting meets innovation! These oversized, geometric lights don't just illuminate; they enhance your environment with dramatic flair and added acoustic panels. Customize your space with various shapes and sizes, achieving both stunning aesthetics and excellent room acoustics. Discover the perfect harmony of style and function with Glorious Slim Acoustic today! Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
a modern bathroom with white walls and tile flooring, along with a walk in shower
Contemporary Scandinavian-style bathroom with efficient recessed lighting, Centriq Recessed | Zaneen
Elevate your lighting game with Centriq – where precision meets innovation! Our light series revolutionizes the way you illuminate your space. Thanks to the Exact Positioning System (EPS) and audible click feedback, achieving the perfect spotlight angle is a breeze. Explore the endless color options and now available recessed version to create a truly bespoke lighting experience. Illuminate your world with Centriq today! Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
a kitchen with two stools in front of the counter and an island that has potted plants on it
Contemporary Scandinavian-style kitchen with efficient recessed lighting, Centriq Recessed | Zaneen
Meet Centriq, the light series designed for ultimate functionality and versatility. With its Exact Positioning System (EPS) and Dual-Lock feature, achieving the perfect angle for your spotlights has never been easier. Explore endless possibilities with Centriq's variety of sizes, including a Super Spot and Wallwash with Vertical Boost. Enhance your lighting design with our Lens Pack options for added creativity. Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.
a living room filled with furniture and a large painting hanging on the wall above it
Portable floor lamp that becomes a work of art in a space, Totem Dot | Zaneen
Step into the future of lighting with Totem Dot! From the innovative Code collection comes a portable light that transcends traditional boundaries. Emitting a radiant glow in all directions, Totem Dot is a celebration of raw power and technological artistry. Experience illumination like never before with its exposed circuitry and mesmerizing LED display. Manufactured in Austria, by Prolicht.