In 1863 the gold rush town of Barkerville, BC, had a population of 10 000 (courtesy PABC

Barkerville, Like street view, just older

The Cariboo region of British Columbia - which Barkerville is a part of - has a history that was profoundly shaped by gold.


Dufferin coach at Brakerville, some were pulled by 4 or 6 horses. The 2 horse ones were called a "jerky"

Traversing terrain, Non foot travel

Three "Sixes" on Lytton Lillooet [Wagon] Road General material designation [ca…

Unknown Date

Going to Barkerville Diary


Canada A Country by Consent: British Columbia Joins Confederation: Gold Rush Fever in B.


TIL the government of British Columbia restored an old gold mining town and reopened it as a tourist attraction. Today, Barkerville appears as it did in its heyday and no residents remain; they were either bought out or moved to New Barkerville during the

Miners at rest

Miners at rest

Cariboo Road, blasted out via the Royal Engineer Corps.

Caribou Road, built in 1862 finished 4 years later, cost a lot to build, putting the colony of British Columbia in debt.