Built-in dog house with doggie door to outside

Built-in dog house with doggie door to outside- would be awesome in a mud room. – sublime decor Built-in dog house with doggie door to outside- would be awesome in…

pallet kitty or doggie bed

21 Ways Of Turning Pallets Into Unique Pieces Of Furniture

button heart dog or cat door Ewok dog. The only reason to put clothing on a dog. DIY cat bed from an old fruit crate

85 Free Dog House Plans

Get design ideas with pictures to build your own DIY Dog House. Free Dog House Plans included at end of article. 30 awesome dog house designs with pictures.

DIY dog bed from old tv. LOVE the hanging pictures!  *Make sure all radiation dust is fully removed & only non toxic paint is used.

Make your dog a star! Got a really old TV cabinet hanging around? Once upon a time there was a very old TV. Normally, it would be in the trash or in a museum. However, Colleen Schmid transforms such vintage TVs in dog beds, that look like dollhouses!

Adorable idea - wine barrel dog bed.

Dog beds can be unsightly things, but the Upcycled Wine Barrel Dog Bed is perfect for any home.huh, now where to get a wine barrel.


I am not a lawn ornament! This is the truth! I can't stand people that own animals, and leave them outside all day. There should be no such thing as an "Outside Dog"

Garage Shower For Your Four-Legged Friends!

$405 Pet Shower

Doggie shower in garage. Love this idea. Also seen it done like a mud room with a door to the exterior so the dogs can go in and out but can be closed off from the rest of the house (like a giant dog house with all the amenities attached to your house!