This song is about their first kiss and their love.

This song is call "Boom clap"and this song gives us positive energy,just like the ending ,Hazel become outgoing happy and optimism

When she met Augustus,her life changed so this is her life turning point.

When she met gus ,I think is her turning point,cause he changed her a lot and make her become more outgoing and give her confidence.

Character vs character ,she has cancer and she always think she should keep people away ,and she always feel bad she have to Renshou lot of pain

Look do dia: Hazel Grace Lancaster no filme A culpa é das.

This is a symbolic of Hazel because when she go to see Peter she was wear the clothes and this pipe was on the top .

After all of that trouble, I was alive and well. My Popo supported me and kept me somewhat sane. In the end, my Nini may end up willing me his pipe so that he will stay with me wherever I go. I love you Popo.

Augustus he is kind ,we can see this by Hazel .

And about Augustus ,he is really Kind-hearted,firstly he told Hazel she is beautiful ,and then he take care of her he loves her .even she has cancer even he is dying .

She is really close in the beginning of the story but when she met Augustus she start change that's mean she She did not utter hopelessness of her condition

In the beginning,she was so close because she has cancer and she gonna die ,but when she met Augustus she started change herself she become outgoing .so I think she did not rally utter hopelessness of her she is optimism.and she also smart .

This is a song about Hazel .

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