Planning a New Site Part II: Get your site’s must-haves in hand In my last article, I talked about three essential steps to create your vision.  Do you have all those pieces in place? Wonderful. Moving forward with those elements in hand means you now know what you want to create, and the designer you will entrust with this task. -  It's Action Time!!!

Planning a New Site Part II: Get your site's must-haves in hand - Zsofi Koller Design

At the end of the day, our businesses are what we do for others -- period. Want your business to survive and thrive? You need to produce an offering(s) that others want to buy -- and get paid for it. And that is why your website exists.

What's your goal? Break it down so your design works and creates business magic with this tips in this post.

The Process of Custom Website Design from Start to Finish - Zsofi Koller Design