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Right down to a T

Mostly the first one<<same I dropped my teachers hand made mug today and the first words out of my mouth were Whoops and then the bell rang and I ran <<< The number two is completly me, boy.

I thought about this yesterday, while I was in the car with my parents and I was listening to the song with earbuds in. And out loud I say "So you want me to drown?" And my parents think I'm crazy lol>> cal tho

niall and 5sos tumblr meme - Google Search

Hahahah I had to add the falling on their faces part when I saw the princess getting naked part<<<lol this is golden

Darlin just shut it okay?Just go back in the corner and think about what you just said.

and my friend was trying to tell me that Axis of Awesome is British, and I was just sitting there, like "They are definitely Aussie, you think them singing 'I Come From a Land Down Under' would be a pretty big clue"

5 seconds of summer memes - Google Search

Omg I was talking to my friend who is also obsessed with these boys and I said cake and this girl turned around and was like I prefer I've cream xD