Nick Knight

thedoppelganger: “ Altered States Magazine: W Magazine November 2005 Photographer: Nick Knight Model: Gemma Ward ”

Nick Knight's sculpture of Daphne Guinness.  3D print.  Scanned by his friend Kev Stenning at Rapido3D.

My sculpture of Daphne Guinness. Scanned by my friend Kev Stenning at April 2012

Kev Stenning of Rapido 3D

Kev Stenning of Rapido

3D Film Audience

An audience watches the premiere screening of "Bwana Devil," the first American full-length, color movie, at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood, dad remembers seeing this at :)

Ira - High Detail 3D Scan

Ira - High Detail 3D Scan

3D scan

Glitch Reality I - Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

3D scanned data converted to 2D cloth panels.  Fabricated with cotton jersey by laser cut.

vanished: “ The T-shirt Issue “ Taking wearable art to a whole new level, Berlin-based Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski created this sweatshirt by scanning human bodies and using the data to.

roshar:    3D  Photo Jamie Nelson  Makeup Roshar

photographer Jamie Nelson, Roshar makeup artist, Eve Whittington Hair, Model Sanja Miletic, Q Model Management

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