I like the phrasing here: peacemakers vs. peacebreakers (as opposed to "on task" and "off task.")  Other great ideas here for teaching children different manners and chores.  (I like the idea of "Dusty" the dust pan)

ANCHOR CHARTS: Use with the book The Peaceful Classroom by Naomi Drew and the No, David books by David Shannon to set up classroom rules and distinguish a peacemaker from a peacebreaker.

Repin from Rocky Mountain PBS: 6 Inspiring Crafts for Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Inspiring Crafts for Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Martin Luther King Jr was all about promoting peace. This Handprint Peace Dove is the perfect way to spread that message.

Remembrance Day "recipe for peace"

Nice wee activity in relation to Remembrance - children were told the story of how the war ended on the day, month on the hour and there was peace. Provoked them to think about what helps us find peace.