A 360 word illustrated French phonics word wall, covering the following sounds: - short vowels and consonants - high frequency sounds (an/en, ch, eu, in, oi, on, ou, qu) - accents  - changes with b and p (an - am, en - em, in - im, on - om) - complex sounds (ail, eil, euil, eur, gn, ille or, ouille, ph, ui, un) - different spelling patterns for the same sounds (é, es, ez, er), (è, ai, et) (in, ain, ein, aim) (o, au, eau)

Les sons français en images - French phonics illustrated word wall

directions in French - les directions

A powerpoint and worksheet on directions and telling the way in French, aimed at but could easily be used for a good group and at for revision. There was an error in the second part of the worksheet, which has been corrected - sorry.